Fairytale Weddings

Fairytale Weddings

For those who’ve dreamed of a fairytale wedding

Cross an ocean or two and reach the land of princes, playing host to your very own baroque weddings, with grandeur and spectacular views as your backdrop, in secluded castles to transform the occasion into a wedding of epic proportions

  • Tuscany, Italy
  • Liechtenstein Palace in Vienna.
  • Palaise de Versailles, France
  • Scotland
  • Swiss Chalet, Alps
  • Ireland
  • Prague
  • and many more

Fairytale Locations

Make your wedding a fairytale in these beautiful castles

Tuscany, Italy

Famous the world over for the rolling green hills and  winding roads of its countryside, Tuscany is an endless trove of treasures to be discovered.  Among miles and miles of vineyards and olive groves lie towns and villages seemingly untouched by time, each with its own cultural heritage to be explored, tripping along cobbled streets and slipping into hushed marble churches.

Couples who choose Tuscany for their destination wedding are in for a totally romantic experience they’re certain to remember forever.

Palaise de Versailles, France

Wedding and romance are synonymous and so is romance and France. If there is a die-hard romantic in you who wants the wedding to be special beyond words, then France is the wedding destination.In terms of wedding venues, it has an abundance of wonderful hotels and chateaux throughout the length and breadth of the country.

France is one of the most exquisite wedding destinations in the world and surrender to the old French life!

Swiss Chalet, Alps

If you wish to get married in the dramatic landscapes and quaint country settings, then Weddings in Switzerland is just the perfect choice for you.

Weddings in Switzerland in a romantic Swiss chalet on the world’s finest ski slopes or in the summer paradise of the Bernese Oberland is like a dream come true for anybody. The mountainous geography of Switzerland sets the perfect Weddings Locations for the would be bride and groom. There are white sandy beaches and Alps to help you set one of the prefect Weddings in Switzerland.


Where  wedding takes place should have special resonance  for both the bride and groom and yet still be somewhere that thrills your guests. That’s the beauty of a Scottish wedding. You just pick your favourite spot – where you got engaged perhaps or where he got down on one knee – and your guests will be wowed by the drama, the atmosphere, the people. Picture it – you and your kilted husband standing in front of ancient castle ruins, the still waters of the loch and towering mountains behind.


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