How does Platinum charge and what are the payment terms?
As with all agencies, Platinum charges a fee which is a percentage of the overall cost of the event (excluding air travel costs, if any), whether billed through us or paid directly. The fee ranges from 15-20% depending on the scale and size and is flexible. Payment terms are well defined and can be shared before confirmation of your wedding. You get an advantage of making all payments to one organization and Invoices are made for all payments under one roof.
Does Platinum organize weddings locally?
Platinum can very much organize weddings in your city of residence as well as anywhere in India. Our central operations team is based out of Mumbai and specializes in organizing events anywhere in India or worldwide.
What is Platinum’s expertise and experience to plan for a Wedding?
Platinum has a special understanding of how the events & wedding industry really works and their associate network provides immediate and direct access to the best available destinations across the globe. The senior management team at Platinum has spent the last eight years working across diverse environments in business with hotels, travel, entertainment providers, thus providing great experiences for their Customers. Platinum believes that their unique combination of the hospitality and travel industry knowledge along with their global event planning experience with the most demanding corporate clients make them a very reliable source for organizing spectacular weddings.
What are the aspects of my wedding Platinum can handle?
We take care of all your requirements, planning to the minutest details starting from your wedding invitations to the post wedding thank you cards and everything in between. Platinum endeavors to create experiences that are filled with emotion and a lingering sense of awe. We guide you through the arduous task of planning your wedding. We understand your needs and make a wedding which reflects your style, taste and personality, all within your desired budget.
What is the exclusivity Platinum can offer?
Platinum goes far beyond your typical decor consultant or event designer when designing weddings and special events. We encourage clients to take inspiration from dreams, movies, novels or far away lands. Every detail and desire is brought to life. If you drive an S Class/ 7 Series, sport the likes of Rolex/ Audemars Piguet on your wrist, use a Vertu to communicate and wear the most luxurious brands, then your weddings should be organized by Platinum!
What is the Cost effectiveness in going through a professional company?
Platinum strives constantly to provide out-of-the-box solutions to clients by giving them value for their money. Our experienced team will handle the complete wedding from planning to execution, including air travel bookings, visas and ground transfers to the hotels. Our strong relations and bulk buying with major hotel chains and various vendors enable us to get the best rates possible as compared to what an individual could get.
What is the advantage of choosing Platinum vis a vis other planning it ourselves?
Platinum is the only ISO 9001:2000 Certified MICE House that has handled Corporate Events and Conferences in more than 50 countries. We bring about high standards of quality and reliability to the unorganized sector of Weddings and ensure a successful event. As professional wedding coordinators, we plan, supervise and budget all aspects of a wedding by working closely with the family as well as with the concerned vendors. Our job is to reduce stress for the family and help them save time and money. Our organized planning and eye for detail, enables us to help couples realize the weddings of their dreams. Unlike other planners our back - up plans and team members are highly professional and reliable.
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