Theme Weddings

Theme Weddings

Your dream-theme, recreated to perfection

Design your cards, style and decorate the venue, provide world-class catering and the finest beverages, themed entertainment and anything else you can think of. With a themed wedding you have the option of throwing your bride the wedding she has always dreamt of.

  • Parisian night
  • Shakespearean wedding
  • Tropical forest
  • Moroccan evening
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Royal Darbar
  • Bollywood blast
  • and many more

Themes Extraordinaire

Your Dream theme implemented to perfection.

Parisian night

A Paris theme wedding is always very interesting and immensely romantic. Paris is always associated with romance, class and perfection. A wedding in Paris can mean all that’s as well and if you always wanted to have your wedding in Paris, but are unable to go there, bring Paris home on your wedding day by having a Paris theme wedding. The Paris wedding themes listed below will help you have a dream Paris theme wedding.

Tropical forest

Tropical forest theme is an appropriate theme for those close to nature and love green lustrous pastures and vicious vibrant colors of flowers .You probably love the elegance which comes in handy with this theme and give you the freedom to go the simpler way. We ensure that all your furniture, linens, florals and other decor bring your theme to life. However, if your planning and budget doesn’t allow, to host your wedding in an actual rain forest, don’t worry we create one for you which will make you feel that you are face to face to your big fat tropical wedding . Tropical rain forests are known for their lush greens and vibrant colors, which are recreated by us according to your choices and preferences.

Hawaiian Luau

With a Hawaiian theme wedding, you can bring the scents, sights, and sounds of Hawaiian wedding theme ideas and the welcoming “spirit of aloha,” to any location you choose. Choosing to go with a Hawaiian theme for your wedding day can be both fun and relaxing. The possibilities for decorating and entertaining are endless, and we can accomplish on both large and small budgets for you according to your choice. By selecting this theme you select enormous ways to enhance your special day with all the bright and colorful things which come in handy without even loosing the touch of Hawaiian Islands. Your wedding day is a day to celebrate with family and friends, what better way to do that, than with a huge party.

Bollywood blast

A person desire of a perfect wedding and the ideas generally evolves from a song or a movie scene in the past therefore Bollywood Theme Weddings are the perfect way of creating an idyllic wedding.  Bollywood is an amalgamation of the opulent Indian cultures and therefore believes in no boundaries similarly a wedding planned Bollywood way selects the best tradition of all the cultures and produces a magnificent event. Bollywood, with all its rich glitz grandeur is the in thing today and throwing a Bollywood theme party is the best and safest way to ensure a successful event that will be loved and remembered by all your guests for days to come.

Shakespearean wedding

We all know that Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays are full of romance, so it makes sense that Shakespeare is a natural fit for wedding readings. If you are looking for a reading for your wedding, consider these excerpts and poems from Shakespeare.

Moroccan evening

A Moroccan or the Arabian Night theme party will surely captivate your guests. This theme of ours takes inspiration from the majestic palaces of Morocco: opulent silk and velvet cushions are scattered upon luxurious rich silk covered cotton mattresses, brass tray tables and authentic hand painted, low Moroccan wood tables, feature traditional Moroccan glass colored lanterns; rich gold embroidered drapes are hung against the walls to recreate the splendor of the ancient palaces. This royal Moroccan theme is sure to entertain and delight every guest guaranteeing a profusion of compliments. The lavish Moroccan theme parties we specialize in combine rich colors, lavish textures, tastes, location with creativity in order to come up with new and unique ideas that integrate seamlessly into an overall elaborate theme.

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