Thrilling Weddings

Thrilling Weddings

A wedding that is an adventure of a lifetime

For those couples who want to celebrate their union in a non-traditional, unique way, we’ve redefined the whole concept of a wedding experience

  • Ski down snow-covered hill slopes of Aspen repeating your vows
  • Accept blessings sitting atop an elephant on a wild African Safari
  • Deftly exchange rings while maneuvering your raft down raging
  • white rapids of Hrishikesh or Ecuador
  • Engage in the matrimonial kiss surrounded by a variety of the Pacific
  • Ocean’s marine life
  • Whisper “I do” in zero gravity as you travel to space
  • Take a leap of faith with your new life partner into any of the world’s famous drop zones
  • and many more

Adventurous Ideas

Make your wedding an adventure of a life time.

Snow-covered hill slopes of Aspen

The city of Aspen is both a destination wedding location and a host to many local Colorado weddings. It has become an elite mountain community that serves up both outdoor adventure and luxury life. With an abundance of high-end boutiques, restaurants, and salons, Aspen is a beautiful area in any season.

Whether you are one of the few lucky permanent residents of Aspen Colorado or you are a ski enthusiast looking for an adventurous and exciting wedding location, Aspen can be the perfect place for your dream wedding. Because of the extreme wealth in Aspen, there is a great selection of photographers, caterers, florists, wedding planners, and transportation services available to round out your wedding plans.

Wild life African safari

This is your special day, the day you want to cherish for the rest of your lives together – Elephant Back Safaris and Lodge is the ideal venue to host your ceremony and reception, where better to celebrate the union of two souls than against the backdrop of the African bush.

Elephant Back Safaris  goes the distance in affording you a picture perfect beginning to your new journey together

Exchange rings while maneuvering your raft down raging white rapids

If you love the Rush and thrill of Adventure Sports and water is your thing, White Water Rafting is just the thing to try for your wedding!

Redefine your idea of marriage by planning it in the most thrilling and exhilarating ways. The turbulent and swirling waters that flow in a rush from the Himalayas can be the most trilling of all adventure wedding venues for those daring souls. Home to India’s mightiest of rivers, the icy heights of the Himalayas can give the adventure seeker’s wishing to get married in an adventurous way, a fulfilling venue.

Engage in the matrimonial kiss surrounded by the Pacific Ocean’s marine life

Marrying underwater is an experience by itself, instead of flamboyant floral decor, the marine flora fauna are the decor for this exotic wedding.

Assisted by the coach, the bride and groom rides  on the wave and dives into the wedding hall under water, with the stones as witness, the fish as guests, and the turtles as choir. What a lovely feeling! Another special is a fibered and water-proof marriage certificate which can be your lifelong testimony.

Whisper “I do” in zero gravity as you travel to space

The idea of getting married while floating in zero gravity is not really typical of what little girls dream of when imagining their wedding day, a New York couple have become the first people to get married in zero gravity by saying “I do” in an weightlessness simulating aircraft.

The ceremony is conducted  inside a specially equipped aircraft flying in parabolic arcs to simulate the effects of space. This kind of ride is sometimes called “the vomit comet”. It’s an experience unlike any other..

Take a leap of faith with your new life partner into the world’s famous drop zones

OK. So it’s not everyone’s ideas of the perfect marriage ceremony, but every now and then a very special couple decide to prove their love for one another by skydiving together, complete with a celebrant.

If you feel that this is just what you want to make the start of your married life extra magical, pick a pretty location for your sky dive and see if the nearest sky dive operator if willing to accommodate your unusual wish.

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