Urban Weddings

Urban Weddings

Get married in a setting that reflects your personal style and taste

Celebrate your union in a vibrant metropolis, we can take you and your entire wedding party to any city in the world

  • Paris
  • Cannes
  • London
  • New York
  • Barcelona
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • and many more

Romantic Destinations

Choose from the most romantic cities worldwide for your wedding.


London is full of fantastic unique and unusual venues for special events. The London Eye is the newest, most exciting wedding venue in London. Your wedding will take place in a private capsule on the London Eye whilst the wheel gently rotates during its flight. If you are looking for a beautiful, unique and truly inspirational venue for your wedding why not say ’Eye Do’

New York

New York is one of the most romantic cities in the world – a perfect spot for the wedding of your dreams.

New York City weddings can range from intimate to elaborate and they are always nothing short of breathtaking. New York City weddings can range from intimate to elaborate and they are always nothing short of breathtaking.


The city of Barcelona is often referred to as the jewel in the Mediterranean crown. It is a thriving, cosmopolitan city with wonderful examples of Romanesque, Gothic and most famously Modernist buildings where you can celebrate the most intimate to the most lavish of weddings.

Whatever you want from your wedding, Barcelona and the surrounding area will have an option suitable for you.


Paris is the most romantic and captivating city in France. No matter where you profess your love for one another, you’re sure to feel the energy this great city exudes. A bride and groom will instantly be seducedby the Latin-lover style and picture perfect-streets of Paris. A wedding at Paris  is a one-of-a-kind experience, with all the romance, beauty and elegance you’ve ever imagined for your special day.


Weddings in Dubai are romantic with the desert, and they can be truely unique. All types of weddings are accomodated in Dubai – from a couple eloping to a grand event. Like Dubai – anything is possible & everything can be done.

With sunshine all year round you should pick the time of year that temperatures suit you most to get married in Dubai. No matter which option you choose, Dubai as wedding destination is sure to evoke a unique and exotic ambience for your ceremony.


If there is such a place as the perfect wedding destination, it has to be Singapore. Located on the Malay Peninsula, this remarkable and special country has everything any couple could dream of to make their momentous occasion both unique and filled with each and every quality synonymous with the spirit of marriage. As a nation which takes pride in hospitality and welcomes people from all walks of life with open arms, it is unsurprisingly a country which offers the full spectrum of services for couples who are looking to make their day of commitment as special as the bond of marriage itself.

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